What To Cook Tonight? THIS.


I love cooking.


The daily wander around the market

trying to drum up something to make for dinner?


I hate it.


My sweet friend, Sophie,

once lived in London

and battled the grey skies alongside us.


She writes the cute blog, The Littlest Things,

and is one of those people who you just can't not like...

with her easy laugh and Aussie accent,

you'll feel like you've know her for years after spending the day with her.


Nowadays, Sophie has moved back home to Australia

with her fiance and family beside her...

and has launched the coolest project with her dad.


QB9A5016 2.jpg


Each week, they come up with a cookbook 

of crazy good menus for the week ahead.


He cooks. She photographs.


The end result is approachable meals 

 laid out for you withy

 easy step-by-step instructions.

I'm such a huge fan of the project.

Buy one to try it out

-they're cheap as chips! $1.19 for the week!-

and give it a go.


I absolutely get giddy thinking about having this

when we get back to London

to pair up to my weekly Ocado grocery delivery.


In the words of my friend, Sophie...

It's the littlest things, people.


Take 'em where you can.


Check out What To Cook Tonight.


It's fantastic...

and super cool to see yet another blogger

doing something AMAZING with their talent.


(Makes me smile almost as big as not having to think through dinner plans.)





*photos by Sophie Learmont for WTTC