Two Things on a Thursday


Two quick things to toss in your brain today....


1. Did you know there is a "ghost" tube station in London? Yes! It sits on the Central Line between Tottenham Court Road and Holborn. It's called "British Museum" because of it's location just above, yep, the British Museum. It hasn't been used since 1932.

My mind was blown. Apparently, there is also another one called "Down Street" where Churchill used off Whitehall in his war room cabinets. I've visited the cabinets, but never knew about that!

2. Feel the love. I know, I'm officially a moron and the last person to the party... but I just joined Bloglovin and, whaddaya know, I like it! If you aren't already following Aspiring Kennedy there- jump through and go for it!

If you've been hiding under a rock like me, I have to endorse it. It's a great way to read your favorite blogs. So much easier than typing in URLs and relying on facebook posts to kick you through. I'm digging it. Check it out.

Oh, and thanks for the "likes" on previous posts, I love seeing what sort of content you find interesting... and what's is just... meh.

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