For the Love of Paris... and Babies.


Now didn't think that I'd be satisfied simply with prancing around Paris in a giant black tulle skirt with the Eiffel Tower in the background, did you? Oh no...I had to take it up one more level. Stacy & I decided to make the second half of the day a bit more... kid friendly. Baby friendly, actually. For all of you that are wondering: How do you have TWO dresses this huge and fabulous? Well, the answer is: I don't! The black & pink tulle wonders were made by Stacy that she uses for photo shoot when clients request them. All I did was toss on an American Apparel bodysuit with the black one and a too-short dress that I had in my closet with the pink one. The result? Well, a look far more fabulous than it really was....but when it looks this cute- who cares? So, no more babbling from me, straight on to the pictures...for sure my favorite part from our day. Regardless of Viola wishing she could have been anywhere else rather than having her picture taken as made evident by the first half of the shoot. Oh well, c'est la vie avec le bebe.


To see the first half of our shoot in Paris, click hereStacy Reeves is a talented photographer who shoots visitors in Paris every day. She's a Texan, like myself, who moved overseas to live out her dreams... and now spends her days helping other Americans enjoy their trips to Europe, too. Let her shoot your trip to Paris by booking a session and capturing your trip.

(And yes, you can even wear the skirts, too!)


*photos by Stacy Reeves & L'Amour de Paris for Aspiring Kennedy