For the Love of Paris.


I met Stacy the way most of us expats meet other expats: via social media. As we were both Dallas girls, we felt it was pretty much mandatory that we hang out while I was in Paris. So we did, and we had lots of fun.We had so much fun that we schemed up a day to take fun, pretty pictures around Paris, and, well, here's what happened.



So why did we take these pictures? Well, if I'm honest the only reason was to enjoy the season of life and to indulge in the chance of wearing two hundred yards of tulle around the city of Paris. While I realize I'm still 100% a spaz, looking at these makes me feel, momentarily, pretty cool. I can't think of a better souvenir from our time in Paris....which reminds me: WHY WOULD YOU NOT HAVE HER TAKE PICTURES OF YOU WHEN YOU COME TO PARIS? There are millions of Pinterest boards and inspiration boards on what to wear when you travel to Europe. Why? Because your trip costs a lot of money and took a long time to happen and you're going to want to look cute in your pictures in the years to come. It's a small additional cost that repays BIG over time. So when finally plan out your trip to Paris, book a session with Stacy and let this pro immortalize you in front of someplace stunning like the Eiffel Tower.

Check out Stacy's site, L'Amour De Paris here and the list of pricing options for photo sessions here.

(And just wait for the second half of the shoot for a fun twist. Coming soon!)




*photos by Stacy of L'Amour De Paris