My Notting Hill | Ottolenghi


I know, I know...





Because if you follow me on instagram,

you'll recognize this place

as a repeat offender.


It's just SO good

and SO close to us.


I literally can dash out,

grab an almond croissant (life changing)

and a cinnamon brioche pretzel for Tyler

and be home within 10 minutes.




Unless there is a line...

which, if I'm honest, there always is.


It's fine though.


Worth it.


Here are 3 very important reasons 

why Ottolenghi is awesome.


1. It's the restaurant/cafe of Yotom Ottolenghi...

you know, the guy who made the Jersusalem cookbook.


So fresh, so good, so... gorgeous.




2. I met Ina Garten at the London Eye in 2010

when she was filming her Christmas special

and this was the place she told me to go for really special food.


(And what Ina says, I do.)


3. The have window piled high with desserts and pastries.

So, yeah... duh.




Check it out when you come to the neighborhood.


I promise-

you won't be disappointed.


(Especially if there are any of those pretzels or almond croissants left.)


*  *  *


Just so you know...


*Drinks are available! Just order your coffee/tea/whatever

when you order your pastry or salad.


*You can sit in... but the (lone) table is small & communal.

First come, first served.




*No wifi, so not the best place for camping out.




*photography by Noah Darnell