Picture Perfect: London


We weren't exactly planning to be in Texas for four months over the summer… Life just happened a bit differently than planned- as I've come to learn it often does. While my summer plans are now focused on beating the heat by the pool, catching up with high school friends over breakfast, and hitting up the obscene summer sales (like Nordstroms!), we once had plans of picnics in Hyde Park, strawberries and cream at Wimbledon and getting to see various friends that were coming through London.


But one thing I'm especially bummed about? Well, I'm really bummed that we aren't in London while Stephen Jerkins is in town. See, if you're from Nashville, you've probably heard of him. If not, you may not know what ridiculously good/cute/cool pictures he takes (like these). We had big plans to shoot a really fun series together. (Why is it so hard to find good photographers in London? They're as rare as a JIFFY cornbread or a Reeses Blizzard.) Now that I'm planted here in Texas through August, that once-fantasized session is no longer happening.


My misfortune is now your luck. Stephen has graciously agreed to taking some pictures of my friends, but I've asked (read: conned) him into offering it to any other lovely people that may live in London, read this blog, and want some awesome pictures. And he's offering an awesome deal: £100 for an hour shoot + 25-30 digital files with printing rights. He'll be in London July 31 & August 1 with time to shoot.


So go on, you cute London people. Take advantage of his talent and the chance to capture this special moment of life living in the best city in the world. Do it, take some gorgeous pictures in front of Big Ben, and make me really, really jealous.


(I'd actually be pretty happy for you… I guess.)


Contact Stephen directly at stephen@stephenjerkins.com if you're interested. And don't forget to tag me in your IG from the shoot to make me feel especially terrible. ;)



*images via Stephen Jerkins