Some Changs Could Do You Good.


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Dallas, while my hometown, may have many great attributes, but I can't promise it oozes with culture in the same way that places like Paris or Rome might. But hey, if all the world was like Paris or Rome, we probably wouldn't appreciate them as much. One thing that can't be ignored about Dallas culture is that we prefer it on a patio. The great weather here makes it easy for relaxing hours spent out on a patio of good drinks and nibbles. 

While standard fare might be margaritas with chips + queso, it's nice to have other options. That's why I was really excited when PF Changs invited us to try out the new sushi +  small plates they've added to their menu.

Tyler & I went for a Friday afternoon date. Let's review, shall we? 

Edamame hummus with plantain chips? Sounds weird, but it totally works.

Dynamite Scallop Roll (aka a scalloped topped spicy tuna roll). Again- another winner. The rolls were massive, too. 

An Asian take on carnitas? Brave to try with Texans, but I can't lie: the carnitas bao were yum.

And of course, some Saigon summer rolls added in for good measure.

So there you have it- PF Changs has officially made it onto my short list of places I could waste an awesome afternoon away on the patio. To be honest, I can't say that I would ever sub out my beloved Crispy Honey Chicken for the small plates during lunch or dinner, but would I order several of them during drinks with friends on the patio? Oh, yes.

This post was sponsored by PF Changs. Thanks so much for clicking through and helping support Aspiring Kennedy. I'd treat you all to yummy sushi as a thanks, if I could!