Across The Pond We Go.


After 3.5 months in Dallas, we are flying back to England today. I'll be honest: we weren't 100% sure we would be going to be returning at certain points of the summer. We were in visa limbo, and ... well, we weren't exactly sure what life would look like in the fall. (Visas are serious business, you can't just ignore them and fly over anyway. You'll get refused at the border, which would jeopardize getting a visa issued for 10 years!)


Anyway, we got them. Finally. We are, at last, legally welcome back to live in Britain.


And today we head back and pick life up in London. I can't wait. I've been feeling a bit like a caged animal the past few weeks... Not one that is a threat to people. Just one that wants to tear up some pub food and endless days of walking.


In no time at all, we'll be back in our tiny flat feeling blissfully cramped... and we couldn't be happier about it.



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