Falling Into Things.

As seen previously on Instragram....

As seen previously on Instragram....

Ah... we are back.

We've been busy unpacking (which takes so much longer when you have a small place because everything has to be put in the correct place). To be honest, I only left the flat once to run to Sainsburys and Paperchase today for a couple of quick errands. But I keep getting distracted looking out the windows at the people passing by. I find myself with a smile on my face most of the time when I do it. It feels great to be back in London.

This fall is going to be extra busy (more on that later!), but the funny thing is: the busier I am, the more scheduled and thoughtful I am. (We probably all are, right?) So while I'm mapping out the weeks ahead, I'm looking for good empty spots to tuck in a few things that look too good to pass up.


1. Double Decker Afternoon Tea | My friend Stephanie tweeted me the link to this amazing experience. It took me about 3 minutes of scanning the website before I was inquiring about booking tickets. Afternoon tea on a double decker bus while zooming around London? Sounds like my cup of tea. (I know, couldn't resist. Sick.) I'll be snapping lots of pictures and adding it to my TO A TEA series on my favorite places to have tea in London. 


2. The Ham Yard Hotel | This is one of those names that sounds hilarious to Americans, isn't it? In truth, it's a really cool, hip new hotel. One that I'm helping host a tea in celebration of my dear friend Amber + her baby-to-be at in a few weeks. I think it's so funny how un-British the idea of a baby shower is... we'll win them over eventually! (Again, this will be added to the above-mentioned series!)


3. London Fashion Week | While I'm NOT a fashion blogger, I am happy to that a dear friend and colleague of mine, Susan Posnick, will be working with a gorgeous brand showing here in London at the most bonkers venue.  Do you think they'll judge me if I show up in Topshop? 


4. A date night at Chiltern Firehouse. Kate? Posh? Gwyneth? Or any of my other celebrity friends? Can you please get me a reservation? Looks and sounds like an amazing place. Has anyone been?


5. #londonbloggersocial | Okay, this isn't at all in the works, but I'm planning on hosting another night out for anyone that wants to join in on the fun. I love meeting people face-to-face and, with being busy, this is honestly one of the most meaningful ways that I can connect. I would so much rather chat in person than email. 


I think that's everything. Oh, and one more thing: It's in the 60's here! Coming from Texas, it was quite a shock. (Though a nice one.) I've been loving wearing a few layers around, but I have a feeling I may regret that statement after 6 more months. Oh well.... three cheers for the excitement of fall clothing. (My personal favorite for the main reason I can hide my booty behind long coats.) Here are some great ones that you could see here on the streets of Notting Hill.

*image original to Aspiring Kennedy