Easy like (Monday) Morning

Since Tyler & I both work from home, we've staggered our schedules a bit to make it work. I use my night owl inclinations to stay up late and work. He gets up early. This makes our mornings are pretty routine. Tyler gets up first, makes a smoothie, reads and gets to work. Viola and I stay asleep. Sometime around 6:30, she'll wake up and say, "Mama! Mama!" until I go grab her and toss her in bed with me.

We'll snooze a bit more, and finally wake up. She'll wave to me and say "Hi!" and then we'll snuggle for a long time holding hands and reading. Finally, I'll text Tyler and say, "We're up!" He comes with coffee for me and takes Viola down for breakfast while I get ready.

I actually really like the set-up. It's fun to spend good chunks of the day with each other in different ways.

And I especially love that thirty minute stretch of just rolling around in bed with Viola before the day starts. She pats my arm, I count her toes, she hides under the pillow... and, well, I'm just enjoying it because I know someday soon, those moments will be gone. Like a sweet dream that comes and goes with the morning light.

I also really enjoy my Love Ophelia robe that they gifted the attendees for The Hundred. (I know, so generous!) I wear it while I work late and in the mornings as I get my act together and sip some coffee. It's really soft jersey cotton that washes perfectly. I, literally, have worn it every day since getting it. It's that good.

You know how once you get married, your perspective on what gifts you want to give a couple change so much? You actually realize what they'll use instead all the time. I feel the same about lingerie showers & new-mom gifts. Instead of getting some sexy nurse outfit, I always gift a robe. (I might have worn one so often in my pregnancy, Tyler referred to it as my "day gown.") A good robe will last you for years of quiet, peaceful moments. 

So engaged or expecting friends, consider yourself warned. (You'll probably/definitely be getting one of these as my gift to you.) And if I won't be gifting you with a plush robe in the near future (sorry!), you can gift yourself with one. Thanks to Love Ophelia, any of you nice people with 15% of your entire purchase in celebration of The Hundred. Just use code THE100 at checkout. Sweet.




*images original to Aspiring Kennedy