Five Awesome Things About Staying In a Hotel

You could say that we stay in hotels a lot. With work and living overseas, we are often bouncing around from place to place finding ourselves in new cities and strange hotel rooms. There really is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed, but there is something to be said for staying in a hotel. Five of my favorite perks are below. Granted, there are many more plush things that hotels can offer (spas, room service, etc), but these are amenities you can get pretty much everywhere without having to pony up extra. 

1. The Bedding. First, I have to say... this isn't 100% consistent. Help us all in cheap hotels with sketchy, crunchy orange blankets made from unknown materials. We've had our fair share of those nights, but let's focus on the positive. Anytime a hotel has white bedsheets and a big fluffy comforter... It's going to be a good night's sleep. The other, obvious perk on the bedding, you don't have to make it!

2. The Movies. No, not those kind of movies you can get in a hotel room. Just the regular old kind you find on cable! We have the basic TV package, so I love to flick through the channels and find a movie to watch. Even if (and when) its just some terrible rom-com from the 90's, I feel like I'm having a party.

3. The Bath Time. I have spent approximately 12% of my adult life in the bath tub of various hotels around the world. Okay, not really, but I have been known to fall asleep on many occasions in a hotel bath tub. I love over-pouring the bubble bath (read: shower gel) and turning on a really terrible playlist. It is definitely the time each day when I actually can clear my head.

4. The Maid Service. I'm not a tidy person, so having to pack up and organize myself every time we leave a place isn't a bad thing. It keeps me perpetually organized. But on those days when we are staying for more than one night and you walk into a tidied room upon returning to the hotel? One of the best feelings I can think of. Clean! (Tyler & I are firm believers in tipping the maid, by the way! They are unsung heroes who deserve some extra love!)

5. The Tea Kettle. Okay, this actually doesn't really appear that often in the US, but in Europe it's so nice to come in and have a tea kettle stocked up for you. Even the most basic hotels typically have a small set up including a kettle, various teas, sugar, milk and biscuits. On a cold day (which happens more often than not when we travel), it's the best welcome.


The photos above are from a hotel that we stayed in while visiting Barcelona, Hotel Market. We really loved it and the price was too good! You can book rates through Tablet Hotels- one of my favorite sites for affordable boutique hotels. Do it via this link and we each get credit for our next booking. Win Win. :)