Souvenir Style | Iceland


We got to have dinner the other night at our friends' house in Reykjavik. He was a classmate of Tyler's while at Oxford. He was also a bit of legend, as his wife stayed back in Iceland for the entire program watching their four boys and baby girl. Or maybe I should say, SHE was the legend. She made a traditional Icelandic dinner for us, and we sat around the table for hours chatting with them and laughing with their kids. They're a really great family, and we loved getting to spend the evening with them. 

Beyond being a really sweet and well-behaved family, they are also very traveled. Funny enough, they lived in Iowa for four years, too. They talk about the Midwest like I talk about Southern France. (It's funny how where you're from changes what sound "exotic" to you, isn't it?)

Haraldur, our friend, was waxing poetic about Midwesterners and how similar they were to Icelanders. He felt a kindred connection to the people there because they share a love of large families, open space, and they typically mind their own business.... "but we don't share our fashion."

I laughed. No. No, they don't. Iceland has a very slick, Scandinavian look that merges well with functionality for being in the outdoors. I actually have really started looking forward to packing my suitcase for when we come. I'm not sure I've completely got it down, but I'm improving each year. Bring on the Fair Isle, chunky boots and leather. 

ONE    |    TWO    |    THREE    |    FOUR    |    FIVE    |    SIX    |    SEVEN    |    EIGHT

ONE  |  TWO  |  THREE  |  FOUR  |  FIVE  |  SIX  |  SEVEN  |  EIGHT




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