You know when you're home and all you can do is dream about something amazing you ate when you were somewhere else... And then when you're actually away, you have those moments when you just wish you had (fill in the blank) from back home? Yeah, me too. 

There are so many delicious things that I love from SO many places. I'll be honest... I kind of love that I can't always find those things everywhere. It makes the hunt all the more fun to get back to enjoy them. Somehow having it in that special environment makes them taste all the better. 

Pesto focaccia on the beach in Cinque Terre. Le Fermier Yogurt from the grocery store in France. Patatas Bravas in the sunshine in Barcelona. Old Fashioned Donuts on Sunday morning from Daylight Donuts. Chicken Gammon & Leek Pie in an English Pub. Pita Souvlaki on a dock in Greece. Aperitivi in Venice. .... I could go on.

Your turn. If you could be magically transported for one meal or item, what would your pick be?