Parisian Mini-Break

Photo 11-05-2017, 20 08 53.jpg


This weekend my students have a long weekend to travel. When we first started this study abroad gig, we always would travel when they did. The first year, we booked the cheapest flights we could find on RyanAir the night before and ended up in the Canary Islands. The next year, Tyler & I each planned surprise trips for each other (his surprise was a Bavarian trip through the Romantic Road and mine was a relaxing getaway to the Italian Lakes). 

And since then... we have used the time off during the semester to relax. 

But this year, I need to get to Paris to sort out housing for our spring semester there so I'm dragging them there with me for a couple of nights. 

Can you believe it, but I used to say I was "over Paris." When everyone else seemed to be obsessed with it, I scoffed and said it wasn't really for me. But with working there over the past few years, I've not only come to appreciate it... but I love it. 

Perhaps its not the most original things to say you love Paris- but I love it in the way that you do that girl you went to college with that you hated your freshman year. Everyone else raved about her and how great she was... but you couldn't see it. Then you get forced to work with her on project, and by the time its over- you've got a new best friend.

So that's me and Paris. We knew each other, but we weren't friends. Now days- we're in it for the long haul.

Also, while I'm thinking about it... I've been scouring AirBnB for apartments this week. There are so many good ones out there are great prices. Here are a few gorgeous ones that I'd recommend as great spots to stay in the City of Lights.




*images original to Aspiring Kennedy