Letting You in on the Secret...

It's with full heart (and a growing belly) that I'm happy to share with you that we are expecting a baby!

We know the irreplaceable spot that a child can leave on your life... and we eagerly look forward to making more room in our heart for the baby arriving later this spring. 


So how have I been feeling? Well, while most people will tell you of morning sickness and fatigue- my mind immediately responds to that question differently. 

I can't pretend to be braver than I am. The first trimester was full of anxiety, scary dreams and the looming "What ifs?" that chase you down in the quiet moments... but the day we saw our baby in that first scan, those dark feelings quickly shifted into into something I'd nearly forgotten could accompany pregnancy: love!

After seeing that baby, the one that has the same frog legs, scrawny butt cheeks and Berenstein Bear-esque profile that their sisters had, we fell hard for the sweet life that is being made. We were reminded that it was OUR baby... and suddenly, the fear of what could happen was covered by the hope of what will happen.

Thanks for sharing in the joy of this new life with us.... and tomorrow, I'll be back to share the rest of the details!

Also.... I'm slowly crossing into maternity clothes. It is totally a pride issue at this point, but, man, it does feel good to not wrestle with the discomfort of my normal waistbands. 

Thanks to the darling French company, Emoi Emoi for giving options that don't leave me feeling frumpy. It's a hard thing to achieve while pregnant, but this dress makes me feel great. (Of course, the French can make even pregnancy feel sexy. How do they do it?)



*images by the endlessly talented (and sweet!) Robyn Thompson

*dress c/o Emoi Emoi