My Reykjavik | Salt Eldhus Cooking Classes

This year when planning our trip to Iceland, I was really wanting to add something that added a bit of exposure to the urban culture of Reykjavik. Since most of Iceland is being outdoors and in nature, it seemed a bit one-sided. I wanted to know more of the Iceland story- something that spoke told a narrative that couldn't be seen from wandering through natural parks or floating by icebergs. I wanted to get cozy with Icelanders.

So since I'm unaware of a service that allows for spending the evening in a home of an Icelandic family over their home cooked dinner, we opted for a cooking class with Audur at Salt Eldhus. The typical class cooks a multi-course meal focused on Icelandic specialties.

For our group, I asked to do a traditional Icelandic dessert/cake + coffee class during an afternoon. It was a new request, but Audur came back with a "Yes!" Thank goodness she did, because cooking traditional crepes and eating them over big mugs of hot coffee ended up being the perfect way to spend our last afternoon in Iceland.


The class was so nice- we had great instructions on everything we did and funny personal stories of sneaking rhubarb from neighbors as children and the love of crepes in Iceland (wives are expected to learn this skill in a big way!). We also got interesting background on the ingredients we used like Skyr (basically, the yogurt in Iceland that is extremely unique and delicious) and rhubarb.


A Few Things To Know For Your Trip...


1. The class is in an tall building down by the water. (You'll probably want to take a taxi, as it can be a bit tricky to find for a tourist.) The interior is adorable, and the views of the city around you are great.


2. They'll take care of everything. Show up and be ready to be taken care of.


3. the food is really good. I can't speak for anything other than crepes, skyr and rhubarb compote... but man, it was delicious. I have a feeling whatever you end up cooking will be amazing with that team.

Really, I don't have much to say other than GO. It's a fun addition to your Iceland trip that will give you an added perspective to your time in Iceland. I love connecting with people/cultures through food, and this is one the best ways to do it in Reykjavik!


Salt EldhusÞórunnartún 2  (Skúlatún House) 6th floor.

+354 551- 0171 or


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*images by ashel parsons