The Sum of All Parts.


A few weeks back, I was asked to participate in a little project that would involving filming someone surveying what various objects lying around my house said about my personality.

At first, I was not interested. First, I hate being on camera. Second, I was scared to death to have a stranger make assumptions about me based off what they may find. ("Hmm... these crumbs everywhere indicate a strong addiction to cookies and the dirty clothes piles imply an aversion to laundry.")

But then, I heard that BBC Comedian Mark Watson would the one coming over, and I threw self-pride to the wind and said "Yes!" 

The whole thing took about 15 minutes. Easy enough and then the headed off to the pub to wrap the day up.

I just got the final version back that will be used for Money Super Market's campaign. I'm just a tiny clip for a much larger project, but if you want to have a good laugh- watch me on camera! (You'll also get a little peek into our flat, if you're curious.) 


Watch the rest of the videos here on the MoneySuperMarket site. (It's like watching a good British reality TV show.)