Risked It. Worth It.

This week in London has been amazing- no classes (reading week!), sunshine and warm(er) temps, and getting to spend time with friends & family. 

And the best part of this week? We are headed to Paris on Friday morning for a long weekend for Viola's birthday- because what says "Happy 2nd Birthday!" like one more Disney run before your annual passes expire? We can't think of one.

So off to Paris we go. I'm writing down our packing list now. (Nespresso pods for AirBnB apartment, continental hair straightener, Minnie Mouse ears, etc.) And I'm tossing in the fabulous new boots that I recently got... my favorites are getting worn in the soles and these back-ups were a faster option than tracking down a cobbler.

£45! Free shipping! Free returns! Black, brown or grey- they match everything. Won't hurt my feelings to get them a little messy and actually wear them. I love you ASOS.


Check out the Risked It Boot on ASOS now. They're (almost) too good to be true. 





*images original to Aspiring Kennedy