My Valentines.

For the sake of posterity and capturing a sweet day in our lives, I thought I'd jot down our Valentines. 

While some people may look at this day as a moment to focus on romantic love, I think of it as a day to share love with anyone. So having Viola tag along with us for the day didn't seem like it took away from any the magic, but made it more fun.

We went to brunch at Bush Halls Dining Rooms. The experience was complete with eggs on toast, fruit salad crowned with figs, and foamy coffees to start our day. Viola got really into her bacon and kept yelling: "MEAT." Tyler and I have no clue where she picked up that word + sentiment, but it made us laugh.

Since brunch was wrapped up a bit sooner than we expected, we decided to run down to the theatre to take Viola to her first movie: Paddington.

We stopped in Waitrose before to get the essentials (popcorn + Reeses). Free Cherry Pepsis were conveniently being handed out outside, so we stuffed those in Viola's bag, After we collected our daily caloric intake in junk food (and I resisted piling a box of donuts in my coat), we headed on into the theatre.

Taking her to the movie was so fun! Viola looooved it. As the movie ended she started weeping and yelling "MORE. MORE. MORE" She cried for a solid 15 minutes, and despite the utter despair on her face, we couldn't stop laughing at how funny it was.

This evening, I cooked at the house and we just enjoyed spending the time together. Tyler surprised me with tickets to ONCE- which I've been wanting to see for ages- and we are staying up late watching a terrible Hugh Grant movie, The ReWrite. 

All in all, Valentine's Day felt kinda like a normal fun Saturday... just with more pink, red & glitter. Which, I'm fortunate to say, makes it pretty awesome.



*images original to Aspiring Kennedy