Les Enfants

When friends have babies or our nieces + nephews have birthdays, Tyler & I love finding gifts that feel reminiscent of wherever we have recently been. Not only is it more fun for us to buy, but we also hope that it, in a small way, ignites a curiosity in these kids that we love for traveling and adventures to other places.

These are a few gifts that fit in that category for me. For example, Viola loves the Madeline series and loves to talk about Paris because of it. It gives her little mind a context for a place that seems far away.

So whether it's a Union Jack lovey or a sushi play set- it is fun to be an instigator of that eye-opening. The world is such a big, lovely place, isn't it? I love sharing how great it is.



Also, I've kinda become a big fan of Barney's for children's gifts. I know that sounds fancy, but after shopping online at Target + Amazon, I realized I often could find a more unique gift at a similar price point... plus, it's from Barney's so it feels special... and has free shipping so I can add another $5 or so bucks to the gift rather than shipping. Though to be fair, not all of their gorgeous toys fall under the "logical" price point.


Do you have a default style or gift you like to give? I, admittedly, used to think it was cheesy, but now I kind of like the idea of it.






*image original to Aspiring Kennedy

*wrapping paper via Wrap.Me. (Isn't it so cute- and only £4.99 + free delivery!)