Why Are Travel Consults Are A Thing.

I wrote a really long post about why I started doing travel consults and why I do them. But then I re-read it, and it was boring and the word "I" occurred way more than I liked. So I erased and thought I would try again with a bit more basic approach.


I offer travel consults for people traveling to Europe. While I don't know everything about Europe, I do live in Europe and book/lead travel for small to large sized groups for a career. I'm experienced to discuss the subject and I'm passionate about making trips great. 

Most of my travel consult services are conducted via Skype or FaceTime. These are in 45 minute or 75 minutes sessions. Typically, clients will send me an outline of their trip before the call- dates, places they want to go, questions they have, and expectations in store. From there, we schedule a call and I do a little homework to get ready for the call.

On the call, we discuss their trip- tailored to what they need and want. We work through the logistics of traveling between destinations, we plan out which sites makes sense to see on which days, of course, work in all the extra details that make a trip magical- special spots you can't find in a guide book, memorable meals, taxi companies that are the cheapest, and the like. 



I won't pretend that you need me involved in your trip to have a great time in Europe. This place is amazing, and I would never say that I'm any part of that magic. However, Europe can also be a very frustrating place- especially for Americans who come from a very different background and have spent thousands of dollars to be here. I've learned that having someone that can both be your advocate while also serving as a liaison to a new culture is an invaluable asset. I love getting to be that person for my students and clients- the person that gets where they come from and also helps them see things they didn't know existed.

Plus, who else can help you skip lines at the Louvre and save you £15 on getting into Westminster Abbey? Only someone who has been to these sites so many times, they know how to get the best experience from a huge variety of sites. Local and industry tips like that make a huge difference when you only have a few days to see a city.



It is really awesome to use the knowledge that I have gained both professionally and personally to help people experience Europe in the best possible way. To be able to tailor a trip for someone to make it fit their hopes is awesome. Plus, a lot of the information you'll get online is generic, touristy and ... fine. You'll have a great time if you stick to the run-of-the-mill places you hear about from friends who have spent a few days here or TripAdvisor. However, you'll really get to see a special side of Europe if we work together- you'll find all the small spots that make Europe really unique while getting to see the landmarks that made it famous. 

And... let's be honest: I was getting worn out from writing so many emails to random friends and family of readers that were heading this way. It took hours of my life and I really had no connection to them at all. Now I can spend more time on less people. And that's why I've priced the consults the way I did- low enough where anyone can afford them... but also at a point where only people who are serious will book.



My March schedule is nearly FULL as people get ready for spring and summer travel, but there are still a few slots available for end of March and April. Please, contact me sooner rather than later! Some of the things you'll want to do when in Europe need to be booked sooner rather than later- so don't wait. Seriously, you know the phrase "A stitch in time saves nine?" Well, this is similar... just more like "A travel consult in time saves you fights and tears when you've showed up to Versailles with a four hour line."


Contact me at lauren@aspiringkennedy.com and we can see if a travel consult will be a good fit for your trip. I'll be honest if I think it would or wouldn't be- I'm not always fit for the trip you have planned.




*image original to Aspiring Kennedy