A Forgettable Day Worth Remembering

In our old flat, we were just a few second away from Portobello Road. It made it a really easy walk to the market every Saturday. But since we moved to a different spot in the neighborhood, we have hardly gone at all this winter. (It's funny how demotivating a ten minute walk can be when it is cold outside.)

With the weather getting warmer and dryer, we decided we were up for the short trek to the market today. Plus, Viola wants to go to the park every day these days... so we decided to go to a different one for the sake of our sanity.

I can't really say anything special about the day. It was overcast and really windy. We walked through the market. I felt a bit frumpy and huge. Tyler had to leave early for a lunch, so Viola & I ate Paella on a side street by a band. We stopped by Poundland to buy kid's toothpaste, easter eggs and an unnecessary box of After Eight Mints. Then, we took the bus back home afterwards because I was too tired to walk the mile back uphill. We spent the rest of the day at home taking a cozy nap in Viola's room, eating Chinese food for dinner and meeting our beautiful new nephew, West, over FaceTime. (Probably the most memorable event of the day!)

The thing is: it wasn't that special, but I know that in a few years.... it will be days like this that I long for so badly. I'll miss the little details that made today- the pretty buildings, the tiny body eating lunch in my lap, the baby crowding out my stomach and giving me an extra waddle to my step, and the sweet guy who lets me chat his ear off while simultaneously endlessly pushes our daughter on the swing.

So, apologies if you were looking for advice on Notting Hill or were hoping for some fun links to more interesting sites. Today, I'm just putting away some boring memories in the bank for another day... with the knowledge that they'll grow in time into something even more valuable than I may see them for today.






*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

*red jacket c/o Joules