When Life Gives You Lemon...

I'll  put away my pride here for a second and tell you: This pregnancy I have not felt the glow. Last time, I felt cute and bumpy... this time, I feel lumpy.  The first time around- I was skinnier when I got pregnant and with twins, my stomach go so much bigger than normal that it made the rest of me look small. It was an optical illusion at it's finest.

This time around, I was starting with a bit more weight and I only have one baby. My stomach isn't exploding and tight... its just kinda hanging out. I'm not looking for validation here- I'm just being honest, in case anyone else has ever felt huge (and dare I say, insecure?) about their body while pregnant. 

But while I can speculate on the physical differences making me feel less "glow inclined," I have to tell you: I think the main difference is that I haven't spent any time putting myself together. So I guess this could be a prime example of "You reap what you sow" Or maybe, "You get what you pay for," as I have also not purchased a single item of maternity clothing either trying to see how long I can last in a mix of regular + maternity clothes from my last pregnancy.

But whaddaya know? One pretty blazer that fits your body as it should while 8 months pregnant can make a girl feel like, well, a girl again. This spring-y Alden blazer by the cute Brit maternity brand, Isabella Oliver, tossed over my tried and true black maternity dress made me feel so much more... normal. Ha! I miss the days of spending time on makeup, hair and... self-tanner.



Maybe after this baby arrives, I'll find more time to add every day primping to my daily routine? (LOL to the 1,000,000th degree.)




Viola kept looking up at me and said "Lemon!" which made me laugh as that actually is the specified shade of the blazer on the tag.... the other possibility, of course, is that she was mistaking me for an actual lemon. Who can really say.



So get ready, Tyler Knight, because come this Saturday night- you won't have to hit the town with a date that looks like she slept in her clothes or arrived on a 3 day Greyhound journey. I'll be fresh and dressed to impress.

(And to be honest: I really do prefer every picture with Viola in it to any of me alone before she was born. So in the end- these babes are worth every added pound of the process.)



Any secret strategies for maternity style? I typically try to stick with the mantra: "Don't look at me, and I won't look at you." And to have a stretchy black dress that covers your backside as well as your best friend can. I found mine a few years back a small shop in Notting Hill, but here are some similar ones I'll be looking to scoop up once I wear this one out. 





*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

*dress by Seraphine. blazer c/o Isabella Oliver.