Gladiator Wars

In my closet there are a squillion pairs of ballet flats and booties. (Realistically, about 13 pairs.) However, you'll only find one pair of sandals because, if I'm honest, I typically can use the same pair for an entire summer before they wear out. Thank you, English weather.

However, this year- we have had great weather. And by great, I mean, soul-lifting, shirt-peeling, blazing sunshine! The best news is: it's supposed to be like this for months. I can hardly wipe the smile from my face. (Please, England, don't blow this!) If you have plans to be in the UK this summer/spring- the forecast is looking great.

Last week, my tried & true pair of gladiators started to fall apart. The sole is becoming separated from the shoe and, while I picked up some super glue to hold it together in the interim... I have a feeling it's time for a new pair. After all, these were only $19 at Nordstrom Rack almost two years ago. They've served good time.

I've been doing some sole-searching while I try to find some replacements... and I have to say: I may have to get crazy and get two pairs this year. One with some sparkle, and another pair that is simple and neutral. I can't decide... and have decided I don't really want to since my feet will most likely be the part of my post-baby body I'll be wanting to draw attention to this summer.


gladiator sandals aspiring kennedy fashion.jpg

            SPARKLY : one | two | three | four | five    |    SIMPLE: six | seven | eight | nine | ten  


Which way do you lean? A little bit of flash? No-nonsense? Or a good dose of both? Either way, in my opinion, it's hard to loose.


*image orignal to Aspiring Kennedy