La Vie en Rosewood | Prenatal Spa Bliss

I've had the opportunity to stay in some really gorgeous places around the world. Most of the time, I'm traveling for work or on a budget doing my best to hit a £100 per night budget- but sometimes, I find myself in some surreal surroundings.

As a Dallas girl, the name Rosewood is no stranger to me. (We have the Mansion on Turtle Creek, which is "the" original Rosewood property and the funnest place to meet for breakfast in the Lone Star State.) Since the Rosewood London opened last year, I've had a few excuses to get up to the STUNNING hotel and every time, I am so impressed... and enamored.

As a veteran pregnant lady to the city of London, I've been asked repeatedly where to go for a pregnancy massage... but much to my displeasure- I hadn't ever had one. So with the kindness of the Rosewood London's Sense Spa, I got to try out their amazing spa for my inaugural prenatal massage.

Like hotels, my spa knowledge is quite, well, varied. I've had everything from massages overlooking private wildlife preserves in Africa to getting rubbed down in a flooded motor home on the beach of India. (In fact, I found out I was pregnant with the girls in a Chinese massage parlor.) The Rosewood's Sense Spa easily falls in the category of the exclusive type of spa that pampers you in every way- from the plush facilities, to the treatment itself and all the way down to the fruit infused water and fresh tea in the relaxation room.

But while I'm no stranger to spas, I was new to the experience of a pregnancy massage. Holy moly. In my next life, I'll be a kept woman who gets one regularly during pregnancy. Kim Kardashian may make millions for each baby she births for Kanye, but I would trade my womb for such massages.

Some spas have tables with a cut-out hole for your belly to go through, but here it was just a standard (heated and deliciously threaded) massage table. However, Laura (the masseuse) had me lie on my back and sides. After months of walking through the city, hauling a toddler around and being pregnant, I can't tell you how good that hour of relaxation felt.

Or how good the hour I spent following in the relaxation room drinking tea and reading travel mags felt, too. 

And then the hour after where I showered and straightened my hair... well, I think you get the jist.

Tyler might have wondered if I was ever coming home. And to be honest, it was touch and go for a while if I would. I wasn't in any hurry to hand in my fluffy robe and slippers.

If you're looking to pamper a friend who is expecting- give her a gift that she will never forget. In fact, she may have to name the baby after you. (Especially if it is a mom who already has a kid and all the gear to go with having a baby... what a sweet gift to acknowledge her without adding to the "stuff.") Or if you are looking to pamper yourself with the best pregnancy massage in London, no one will judge you for giving yourself 60 minutes of bliss.

For more information (and gorgeous images), check out the Rosewood London's Sense Spa.




*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

*spa visit hosted by Rosewood London