I'm Probably in Paris.

Here's something you may not have expected to see when you clicked through to read today: I'm in Paris! (Or maybe you did if you've been reading for a while and realize that random trips are right up my alley.)

In a move that I can only describe as "impulsive," "amazing," and/or "legendary," I bought tickets for a day trip to Paris with my friend, Amber. Eurostar was having a sale and we jumped at the chance to spend a day (kid-free!) in Paris for €70 round-trip tickets.  It's a little last hoorah before the baby arrives, and I can't wait to waddle all around the city with one of my favorite people!



Our main goal for the day? EAT. We are going to hit up as many eateries as we can. Why? Well, for starters- why not? What else does a pregnant woman want to do in Paris? But also, because we are both wanting to check out some places that we have heard are great... and if we love them, they'll make the cut for the PARIS TRAVEL GUIDE. So wish us luck that we find some great new spots... because it could be to your benefit!

We'll be back in time for bed, but in the meantime... follow along on our fun girls day on Instagram!

And speaking of French loveliness, the sweet Paris-based company, Émoi Émoi did an interview with me that just went live this week. I actually really liked what they asked me and I like how it summarized how I feel about being a mom. Read the interview here



*images original to Aspiring Kennedy