Sister. Sister.... Sister. Sister.


I can't believe that Easter is here. (And now it's gone!) I'm trying to keep my eyes open for as long as I can.... because, I know if I blink, it'll be June and I'll have a new baby and dissertation on my lap.

While pregnancy can linger on at times, it suddenly seems like the sands are starting to move a bit quicker as this pregnancy gets closer to the end. While my stomach is one (obvious) indication of progress, the other is in the arrival of several new babies in our lives.



You see, I've been sharing this pregnancy with a few other people: four of five of our sisters! Our baby will be one of five cousins born within 12 weeks of each other this spring. Yippee! 

Here's how it has lined up... (Do your best to keep up here, it gets a bit confusing.) My brother's wife, Meredith, had a baby boy on February 26th. Tyler's sister, Tara, had a baby boy on March 27th. My sister, Meredith, had a baby boy on March 31, and Tyler's other sister is due with a baby girl on April 31st.... then it's our turn in May! We each have two sisters on our sides having babies.

It is a busy time of life for everyone, but so much fun. Plus, after a long stretch of baby girls, the scales are tipping and four of the five babies are boys!



I have something like 45 first cousins (wild, I know, but my mom is the youngest of ten!), but despite having so many, I fell in a weird gap where it was just me and one other cousin born for several years... so I love the idea of having so many cousins in same age for our kids. (And hate that we don't have a picture of all us pregnant together because that would have been a great memory!)


Did you grow up with cousins close to you in age? I think it will be pretty fun!