Seizing the (Sunny) Day.

This winter has been crazy here- it was bizarrely warmer than normal. Whenever we would talk to people back in the States hiding out from crazy snowfall and ice storms, it felt so strange. Because typically, Britain has weather that makes me jealous of almost everywhere else. 

But fast forward a few months when everywhere else is finally getting spring weather, and life in London continues on with the casually "bleh" weather that you come to expect living here. Not too rainy, but definitely not sunny. Not too cold, but definitely not hot. I read once in the paper here that is rains 200 days of the year in London... obviously, that statistic was burned bleakly into my brain.

But as always, just as you are about to think that spring will never actually happen here, a week like this one appears and all hope is restored. Today, we went to the park and didn't wear coats! We wore sun dresses... and more importantly, we didn't regret it.



One thing I learned really quickly after arriving in Oxford- when the weather is nice, you make time to enjoy it. You change your plans and you make time to enjoy the day. We don't have the luxury of scheduling gorgeous days out weeks in advance. As much as I may moan the weather at times (pretty much every day), I do love the energy that gorgeous weather brings. Lunch is moved to a picnic at Hyde Park, an hour at the pub is squeezed in before dinner, and instead of hurrying home you linger on the scenic route home... 



So until we relocate to Southern Spain (house swap anyone?) and can count on weather this gorgeous on a more consistent basis, I'll take what I can get and enjoy the sunshine when we have it.



*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

*Viola's dress c/o Joules. Lemon Blazer c/o Isabella Oliver