Oh, The Places You'll Go... In Utero


I'm officially at that stage of hoping the baby could arrive at any moment... and being totally in denial of what is about to happen while going about normal life as if all is things are totally normal.

It's a weird place to be in, but I'm sure if you've had a baby- you know exactly what I mean.

And if you haven't had a baby... well, go take an hour long bath, go shopping for an entire afternoon at your leisure and eat pizza on the couch while binging on Law & Order SVU.... just because you can and that is awesome.

I'm 38 weeks now and we have days (!!!) left to meet our son. Most people say pregnancy flies by, but I can't really agree. We found out we were expecting him so long ago- it seems like this little baby has been a part of our story for such a while now.

Since I can't imagine that I'll be able to post a baby-free photo after his arrival, and since I can only look back on my other pregnancy as such a significant and special time... I wanted to do a little look back on all the moments and places he has been already. I guess to put all the fun moments of pregnancy in one place.

While it may seem a bit silly (I know!), I value the time I've carried him really deeply. With all that happened last time, I can't help but cherish these days of pregnancy in a special way. Perhaps I see them as more important as they are, but to me- life is life. We're so happy to have shared this special time with him during pregnancy... and can't wait to enjoy the rest of life with him after delivery, too.


ICELAND | Where it all began. How do you say "souvenir baby" in Icelandic?

FINDING OUT | Tyler & I headed out to breakfast while Viola was at nursery. It was a sunny fall day and we were on Cloud Nine with the idea that we were going to get another child. 


DENIAL | Soon after we found out, we kind of shoved the whole thing out of our minds. As crazy as that sounds, it was easier to forget about being pregnant than think about it. during the chaos of juggling grad school, work and life. Plus, we wanted to tell our families three months later at Christmas- so we did our best to just put it out of our minds. for the time being.


UK & IRELAND | Just on the brink of the second trimester, we toured the Lake District, York, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Belfast, The Giants Causeway and Ireland. It was exhausting and awesome.

PROVENCE | In December, we headed down to Southern France and spent several days just being together after a hectic fall of work/school/life. It was such a quiet and great time being just the three of us... well, I guess four. 

ITS A BOY | In the midst of London at Christmas, we booked an appointment for the day I turned 17 weeks. I "knew" it was a boy. Tyler "knew" it was a girl. We went to Selfridges to commemorate the day by buying him a little train ornament.

Despite being so adamant that I knew it was a boy, it actually took weeks (months?) to process that we were having a boy. I have asked to have it double checked in every scan since, too.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS | We went back to the US and told our families the big news. "We're pregnant... and its a boy!" We each had two sisters pregnant within 12 weeks of our baby's due date. Four of the five are boys- so it was fun to let everyone in on the secret and join the baby party.

PARIS, FRANCE | We headed to Paris to celebrate Viola's 2nd birthday. Hopefully (and most likely!), it was the first of many Parisian trips for this young guy.

SCHOOL DAYS | In a stroke of sheer awkwardness, I didn't tell anyone in my course I was pregnant. For some reason, it just felt like a weird thing to drop in amongst normal school chatter. With coming/going just for classes, I obviously wasn't the center of the social scene. Still, the look of shock/terror on my friends faces around 30 weeks when I couldn't hide it any longer was pretty hilarious. Apparently, being tall and shrouded in winter layers allows you to look "normal" for a long time. (Or probably just chubby, if I'm honest.)

PARIS, FRANCE... AGAIN | Amber & I went to Paris for the day as a little last hoorah before my travel days ended. We spent the sunny day wandering around Paris, eating the best food and just enjoying the relaxing day. It will probably live in my memory as one of those golden, untouchable days when everything was perfect.

BABYMOON | Ok, we didn't venture far- but Tyler & I spent two days in Hertfordshire feeling utterly relaxed at Laura Ashley's The Manor. We ate, walked and slept for 48 hours. It was a good (and, if I'm honest, much needed) time for us to spend together to reconnect, talk and just get on the same track before a new baby arrived. 

THE WAITING GAME | The last few weeks, we've just stayed close to home taking the days slowly together. Walks around the neighborhood, sunny dinners in pubs and lots of afternoon cuddled up together for naps. It's been a sweet time. I know I won't be able to imagine life without this baby once he arrives... but just so it goes on the record: this has been a good run. 


The unexpected family of three that we ended up with has become so precious to me, but I have a feeling that once this baby arrives and we grow to four... it'll fill up a place in my heart that I often forget is open. We've been so happy being Viola's parents... and now that joy gets to grow and expand with the arrival of her brother. Bring it on.


How do you look back on your pregnancies? Do they feel like they flew by or the time ticked on for ages? 







*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

*photos at Opera Garnier by Stacy Reeves

*photos around London by Sara Kerens