Sale Away

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Tyler just hopped on the train to go to Edinburgh for the day to welcome my summer group to Scotland and get them set up for the day... since, you know, I'm not exactly in travel condition. (Which is a bummer, because these summer trips up to Scotland are some of my favorites ever!)

Typically, these short haul trips are an easy thing to do... but when you're a ticking time bomb- it's a bit nerve-wracking. I've promised not have a baby in the next 16 hours, so I'm doing my best to keep my word by laying low today.

And by "laying low," we can all obviously assume I'll be shopping online looking at clothes that I can wear this summer once this human-growing turtle shell is gone from my body. (Or mostly gone, because... you know.) The good news is: most of them are on-sale. Like, reallllly on sale with Nordstroms half-yearly happening, JCrew having additional 30% off their sale and GAP/Old Navy having 30% off your purchase, too.

Just doing my part to be a good wife and all. ;)


*image original to Aspiring Kennedy