Give It To Me | Baby Mama Edition


As I've mentioned previously, space right now is at an all-time premium. My mode of nesting over the week before delivery or so wasn't to deep clean the oven or scrub the hard-to-reach corners of the bathroom... it was to dig out every object from ever drawer and cabinet and put it under inspection for staying/going.

Progress has been made... but not much. It's getting to the point where it's really hard to throw things away... since most of the things we actually need and use. I may need to pay one of my friends $50 to come and toss the ugly things I can't or something... because I feel a bit at a standstill.

But somehow, new babies bring the arrival of new things, so here are a few things (and why), I'm glad to have right now. So consider this one of the most random gift-guides ever... you may be a bit surprised at some of the non-traditional items on here. (But then again, why repeat what so many others have already done well?)



1. LALABU SOOTHE SHIRT | I love a good way to hold my babies. This shirt is so genius- it holds a baby up to 15 lbs. You can wear them around without getting all geared up. How cool, right? I've been using mine day after day already. Harrison sleeps the entire time he is in it.

2. NEW UNDERWEAR | Someone gave me a stack of pretty, fresh new underwear after I had Viola and it ranks with one of the best gifts I got. Something about it just made me feel like a woman again. Do a friend a favor and get them some nice, soft cotton panties. Nothing sexy- just clean and new like these from GAP. It'll do a wonder in their lives.

3. J CREW ROBE | Again, nothing life changing really... but actually, for something that you'll be wearing all the time- go ahead and buy a nice robe that you like. I finally traded up and got a new one after years of wearing the same one. It felt like getting an upgrade from coach to business class. 

4. MAMAROO | Honestly, I basically only held Viola... but with two kids- I realize this won't be a reality. This is the ONE item of baby gear we have added to our house... in fact, we tossed all our old stuff. (They were pretty basic and cheap anyway.) Plus, the design is clean and modern which makes it feel a bit less like our house is getting taken over by the Chicco elves.

5. ANTICA FARMACISTA BABY DIFFUSER | I love gifts that can be used up. It takes away the risk of it floating around the house for years... and this one is perfect. This diffuser set is a reasonably priced to welcome a new baby. Especially, when there is a risk that their home may be overcome by the smell of diapers from multiple kids. We got one and I've just put it out... it smells really lovely. 

6. STOCK | Maybe one of the more random gifts to ever make a gift guide, but my parents bought me Disney stock when I was little for Christmas. At the time, I just thought I owned part of Disneyworld (which I guess was kind of true?), but over 25 years- those few shares have split, grown and been reinvested. Today, I love it! What a fun gift for a kid... that their parents will love, too.

7. BLA BLA DOLLS | Since I wasn't buying much for this baby, I did feel the need to buy one or two items that were "his" amidst the swell of hand-me-down everythings he would be inheriting. I love the Blabla Dolls, so I bought him Theo the cat and a quilt from Ivie Made.

8. BISCUITEERS ROYAL BABY TIN | Again, an edible gift is a great gift. No space-taking risk, and while I didn't actually give birth to the Royal Baby, it is really fun to celebrate having a child born so close to the Princess. For a Londoner, this is such a cute gift to receive. (Plus, you can have their biscuits personalized for the recipient!)



What's one of the best baby gifts you have been given or gave to someone? Share your secrets with us! I love out-of-the-box ideas. 



*image original to Aspiring Kennedy