Life and All That.

I always say that the better my blog looks, the messier my life is. The times I've poured the most into my blog are often the moments that are the least exciting- wasting away hours at a bad job, sitting on the floor of the airport killing time during a massive flight delay, or in the midst of a messy house neglecting all my real responsibilities. 

On the other hand, when my blog gets quiet, it's typically a reflection that life is going really well and I don't want to stop and waste time to blog. I'm enjoying life too much to stop.

This might be why I'll never categorize myself as a professional blogger. Because rather than staying professional, I often default to doing what I prefer personally. Oh well. After five years of these shenanigans, you probably have learned to expect that, right? I guess you're stuck with me now, sorry.

But yes, it has been quiet around here because the days have just been so good around here. Don't get me wrong, my body is still only running around 85% of what it should from sleep and recovery, I have a stack of laundry the size of a mobile home sitting by my bed that needs to be put away, and my dissertation needs a zillion more hours put into it... but while there are glaring factors of imperfection glaring at me from various places, I'm just enjoying this time for what it is. 

These early days of a baby's life are only here for so long, so I'm savoring them. 

(Also, I'm wearing a tank top and shorts in the first pic... scouts honor! I was just accused of appearing naked by my husband.)

And when things aren't glossy and beautiful... they're often like this.




So that's what we're up to around here. What have you been up to this month?


*images original to Aspiring Kennedy