Coffee Talk.

I have a coffee thing. Well, let me back up. I have a sweet thing and coffee is the perfect balance to it. If I'm eating something sweet, I love the taste of coffee to equalize the flavor.

So if -and when- I'm eating something like cake or a tart, I really want to have a coffee along side it. (FYI: Milk, no sugar.)

In the US, dessert is served with coffee, but here (and around Europe)- dessert comes first and coffee/tea comes as the final item served to the table. For Americans, it's always a bit confusing when they are dining out here. They'll order dessert and a hot drink, and when only the dessert arrives- they sit looking around in confusion wondering how their drink order was forgotten. In actuality, your drink hasn't been forgotten. It's just in the queue for when desserts are finished. (If you'd like them to come out together, just simply ask your server if you have your drink at the same time the dessert arrives. They'll do it, if you ask!)

I'm actually coming around to having the two split up- but it's taken me nearly five years. Maybe I'm just enjoying dragging out the dining experience more and more, but either way- coffee or some hot green tea really make a meal feel complete. 

Anyone else feel the twitch to flick on a kettle for some tea or brew some coffee before you can walk away from the table? If you don't do it now, just go ahead and try it one night. It makes any regular dinner feel a little bit more civilized and stretch the conversation just a bit further.



*images by Ashel Parsons for Aspiring Kennedy