On the Web. Off the Racks.

Public Service Announcement: Forget Black Friday. Forget After Christmas Sales. Forget everything you think you know about when to save money while shopping, because the moment, my friends, is now. (And over the next few weeks.)

I don't often work with fashion brands here, because I'm not a fashion blogger. The clothes that I often buy and love are on sale. Deep, deep sale. My big moments are late January/early Feb and summer sale time just before the fall clothes arrive.

This late-late seasonal shopping won't get you any outfits that coordinate, but will end you with pieces that you really love because they were originally a gazillion dollars and you got them for $74 with an additional 30% off sale. And over time, I've learned that I'd rather have my closet full of items that I really like rather than items that all matched for a season or look. 

When I'm asked to link up outfits that I wear, all I can say is- I can't. My outfits are comprised of random sale rack finds long past their existence on-line or random pieces picked up on trips from tiny stores. To try to put together a look made up entirely of items that exist on-line at that moment seems crazy. Like, I really look at Like To Know It posts by fashion bloggers as some crazy thing. Who can buys that many new clothes that still have links?! 

But- I can tell you that these are the shops I scour on-line and in-store this time of year to pillage.

BARNEYS | I know it sounds fancy, but they have the best coats and I love getting them on sale. Actually, their early summer sale is even better for coats, but the one happening now is pretty great.

BARNEYS WAREHOUSE | The less fancy, but sometimes really awesome sister to Barneys online. Take an extra 70% (!!!) off sale right now.

ANTHRO | Right now, get another 20% off sale. Getcha some of those ikat bowls you never wanted, but can now toss all your bracelets in.

JCREW | Extra 40% off sale right now with "GETSHOPPING"

GAP | 75% off still happening PLUS an extra 40% this weekend ("LNGWKND"). These sales are where I buy at least half of the kids clothes.

GILT | I used to love Gilt, then I was over it, and while I'm still generally not too thrilled- you can find some deals in the final clearances. A lot of the kids have an extra 30% off now.

LIBERTY | Okay, I think that their online sale is terrible- BUT in store, they have great deals at this point. Like, nothing makes sense- it's all random buckets of leftovers, but I've found some amazing designer shoes and adorable liberty print bloomers there for around £5. It's not glamorous, but if you can make it in store- do it!


Okay. That's it. Get to it. Some of those codes expire soon! 

Are there any great online sales that you really like? Hook me up- the deeper the discount the better.