Penguin Books: Marching to a Prettier Drum.

Let's be honest:

We all judge books by their covers.

In fact, I'm pretty sure the main reason
I never read my required reading in school
was because of the shoddy artwork on top.

And finally, Penguin Books understands it's audience.

Have you seen their new collections?

Imagine them as the perfectly blended love children
of your high school drama darling & AP english bookworm.

They've got beautiful artistic bods holding in some fancy scribbles.

These clothbound cuties are enchantingly available at Anthropologie, Liberty, & other fine stores.

Deep thinking & letterpress covers... for £5? Cheers to that.

Bold colors for the adventuresome reader.

Just looking at these books helps me understand love more.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Each of them deserve top marks for unique style.

And with covers as pretty as this,
I may find myself giving those 
overlooked summer reading lists
a second thought.