Back At It...aly.

If only Ryan Air had a frequent flyer program.

I'd be like a diamond-super-dooper-golden level flyer...
even though my customer lifetime balance
is somewhere south of $500.00.

{which is probably exactly why they don't offer additional rewards...}

We got back yesterday from the US-
and are leaving today for Italy
for our anniversary!

And what better place to celebrate love than Italy?

We looked at other destinations...
but Italy was the only place 
that seemed to do the occasion justice.

First to Venice
{Tyler's favorite city....}

Then to Florence
{My favorite city....}

Ending in Lucca
{Our favorite city together...}

Ah... I really do LOVE Italy.

You know you're one of my good friends 
if you have rolled your eyes over my ceaseless gushing.

I dream about it all the time.

In fact, so much so...
I'm trying to scheme up a way for a blogger retreat in Italy.

How amazing would that be?!
Talk about being inspired...
it would be like the G-8 of good design with cool people.

So... who's in?

{and who wants to sponsor the villa?}

Ciao, amici!!