Aspiring... Kentucky

I'm headed to Louisville, Kentucky,

and I must admit I have never been there.

I could easily guide you through the bus routes of Italy,

but wouldn't know how to get to the nearest gas station in most US towns.

It's quite pathetic, actually.

This week, I aim to amend this offense with full appreciation for

the soulful Southern city

(and have a fabulous time, too).


In efforts to achieve the quintessential Louisville experience,

the natural choice was

a stay at

The Brown Hotel.


Apparently while at the landmark hotel,

it's only standard to indulge in a Hot Brown Sandwich.

Which came first- the chicken or the egg?

Did the hotel make the sandwich famous, or vice versa?

While we may never know,

we do know that

this sandwich was invented in 1926 by

The Brown Hotel's chef Fred K. Schmid.

It was a clever combination of

leftover turkey, white bread, loads of cheese, bacon (but, of course),

& mornay sauce

(which boasts a lineage of onion, butter, and cheese).


I will consider polishing this off as the completion of penance

to the great city of Louisville.

(more photos to come as my journey unfolds....)


Dave McGimpsey

for the photo & legendary story of the Hot Brown Sandwich