A Formal Apology


Formal Apology:

I hereby issue a my sincere apology

to the city of

Louisville, Kentucky,

as I now realize:

You are awesome.


It's always hard to describe in words an experience,

but after a day in Louisville

I feel incredibly patriotic.

Unlike many southern towns where the

spirit of the heartland is so obvious...

Louisville's combination of

incredible American architecture,

idyllic landscape,

and subtle hipster vibe

mixes to create an effortlessly beautiful picture

of the American Dream.


Dinner was at

Proof on Main

where I dined solo.

(I really don't prefer this,

but when I'm on business,

I''ll make the trade over room service.)

Who knew Louisville could get gnocchi so right?


I couldn't say no to a side of their grits,

and I'm quite glad I didn't.

The service was unassumingly friendly,

and the atmosphere was of

a sparkling metropolitan hot spot.

Compliments to Chef

Michael Paley


directing an amazing menu.


As if the spring weather wasn't

the perfect setting for my day,

I hit the jackpot

by running into this little beauty

while walking along Bardstown Road.


If not divinely timed to my recent realization

of this American's city innate ability

to bring southern history into today.

I think this picture says it best.

The owner tied up his steed,

and walked straight into a tattoo parlour.