250... My new favorite number

Why might you ask is that my new lucky number?

... because Aspiring Kennedy 
now has 250 followers!
{don't you people have anything better to read?? ha!}

A couple of month ago,
when Aspiring Kennedy had it's 1000th comment,
I surprised the commenter,
with a package of goodies 
from the market in Italy
{think acacia honey & balsamic strawberry jam}

In the market buying the goods for Kayla's "il swag-o bag-o"

Now that I have 250 followers, 
I think that means I should send that follower a little thank you!

And that follower just happens to be
my good friend

Yes... that's Matthew hoisting his boss, Beth... and me flipping her legs over.
{I look like a triangle in this picture with my sweater... oh well.}

Thanks for following Matthew, 
and to all my other friends that come here daily-
keep commenting, keep tweeting, keep following...

because I have some other fun numbers up my sleeve 
that are coming up!