Stratford-Upon-Avon Lady

Today I'm heading to 
the home of

Do you remember that I love Shakespeare?

I'm a huge nerd fan over Shakespeare's plays,
and not surprisingly,
 I am enchanted with

I was first introduced to the story when I was in junior high,
Romeo & Juliet 
came out in theaters...

...and what 13 year old stood a chance against
Leonardo DiCaprio?

Not one, I tell you.

The idea of young love is a notion
that I love in story-book settings,
but will typically debunk when encountered in real life.
Yes, I know.

But this is a blog,
and a blog is more like a book than it is real life.
So I'm indulging myself
in young love today.

In honor of Shakespeare.

However, if "Will" knew that I was about to post
the music video for Taylor Swift's
Love Story on here,
he might just as well not have me for a fan.

Oh well, all in the name of young love!