The Perfect Setting.

Some combinations in life are pretty obvious:

... truffles & cream sauce...

... short skirts & over-knee-boots...

... Posh & Becks...

But what do you get when you combine
a luxury-display-stylist-turned-calligraphy-queen

Well, I actually don't know how to articulate all that awesomeness...
but fortunately, 
speaks for itself.

The polished duo behind the new site,
claim that their brain child 
was born out of a love for vintage items.

But it takes more than love to create a business like this.

It takes talent,

...and an inherent nature of being adorable.

{Because regular people couldn't be this charming, could they?}

you'll find bright and colorful pieces that merge 
traditional hosting & modern living 
in a gorgeously approachable way.

The coolest part of Antiquaria's vintage collection
is their bridal registry.

These talented ladies will curate china settings uniquely for you,
and will send you a link for your guests to shop these specific pieces for you alone.

Then the gifts get  pristinely wrapped, 
stamped with a custom calligraphy stamp,
{that is later a gift to the bride & groom},
& sent to the happy couple!

Which makes me think that this may be even a better combination