Setting {of} the President

Happy Weekend!

Are you excited?

The freedom is almost tangible, isn't it?

Once this afternoon hits,
you'll be free to sleep in,
free to start checking off things that you need to be accomplished, 
and free to get away from your desk!

{ ... and speaking of desks.... }

Have you seen this?

A new interactive online experience for students of
from the Kennedy Library.

Flip through photo albums of the family, take a peek in his White House diary, start the secret recording button, and even get access to the Oval Office phone.

Proud daughter Caroline Kennedy is sharing in on the excitement.

"I hope users will feel they are sitting at the President’s Desk themselves, 
and will be excited to bring history to life in this dynamic setting,” 
said Caroline Kennedy, 
President of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. 

“My parents shared a love of history, and I know they would have enjoyed this exhibit themselves.” 

Enjoy the exhibit for yourself. 
{click through to visit JFK's desk}