Last May, 

Working a trade show 
is always a mixture of 
glamourous inspiration & schleppy grunge work...

You spend your day meeting buyers from Berdorfs and editors of Elle...
while standing in heels for 9 hours, running around like an idiot, 
and shoving fried chicken tenders down you mouth from a snack bar.

One thing that definitely adds to the fun
is the friends you make inside the Javits Center.

It's kind of like going to camp.

You get stuck in a cramped space together for a week, 
until you inevitably become friends
by laughing at the same stuff
 and bonding over the disgusting bathroom situation.

And last year, Beth & I became friends 
with a girl named Meghan.

Located directly across from the chair massages
{which we visited daily}
was Meghan's booth.

There she sat... all alone.

A cute, little, blonde,
at her very first show
selling fresh & simple patterns
from her line, Patternseed.

Obviously, we loved her.

And then,
West Elm started loving her, too.

Now her design
{my favorite from the show!}
is featured on this great pillow...

and it's so cute and affordable!

So go on..

Buy one for your house,
buy another for your friend,
and support sweet girls like Meghan.

Girls who dream big,
take expensive risks,
and always offer good candy at their booth!

{PS This is my second friend from NY trade shows that has designed a West Elm product!}