Bloggers: We're Just Like You...

Does anyone else ever read blogs and start to think:

"Wow. I wish I could be cool like them."

"That blogger has a real house that they designed that looks amazing...
what clean, Nordic, modern, & photogenic offspring she has...
and how do they afford the entire JCrew catalogue every season?"

Because to be honest:
 I do.

... but I've started wondering:
Maybe I do that to people who read my blog.

I mean, I live in England
with a really cute boy,
and get paid to travel.

I can see how it sounds really great.

{It is actually...}

But I'm sure that if we passed each other on the street,
you wouldn't take a second glance.

I'm a normal girl... who gets to edit how she appears in blogging.

So to be fair,
I'm going to let my guard down a bit

...because this blog should be equal parts glam & real life.

Afterall... I am only an Aspiring Kennedy...
not actually the heiress to any Northeastern trust fund.

In this first installment,
I would like to shame myself with a special series of photos.

See, I love celebrities,
especially royal ones...

... which is why I had to buy this Kate Middleton mask
and slap it on at random 
while my friends were in town.

The worst part about it
{besides the knock off engagement rings we bought}
was that we died laughing 
every. single. time.

So if I misled you to think I was a svelte, posh, person,

I apologize:

I am actually severely ridiculous.

Happy Friday!!

*photos by Rachel Johnson & Kyla Kiser