Winner & A Movie

Today, we are having a double feature.

First up,
 the winner of my giveaway...

Sweet Heather of
won my London & Paris Souvenir Giveaway.

I'm a little sad to send that yummy jam all the way to Texas...

My consolation prize will be the sweet Anchor tote 
that I just won for myself on

{A terribly clever blog}

And now the second subject...

I showed them some stuff I'd been working on this spring.

Since I don't scrapbook or remember to print actual pictures,
I started making videos for us
as a way to remember fun things that happen.

My friends thought I should show them to you.

I thought, 
"How narcissistic of me...
 and how boring for them."

But I just finished one, and figured...
what the heck.

Hope you like it,
and if you don't... 
well, it's fine.

 We can still be friends.

*warning: this video contains a high level of PDA