Aspiring Scotland- Edinburgh

We've just returned from a really fun week
exploring Scotland with my in-laws.

Before I forget all the details,
I'm going to show you some of the fun we had 
so you'll have a head start for a fun time
when the time comes for you make it this way.

{Which I recommend doing in April: low season prices & sunshine!}

This hilly city is oozing with character.
Similar to Prague & Oxford for an obscenely romantic skyline,
Edinburgh {pronounced: ed-in-bur-uh} 
has everything you would hope for in a Scottish vacation.

Including a hilltop castle
surrounded by millions of daffodils.

Hang close to the Royal Mile.
At one end of this famous street 
sits the historic Edinburgh Castle.
{Eat in the castle's Red Coat Cafe which offers beautiful views of the city}

From there, stroll down the hilly street
and make a visit to the Queen
at her Scottish palace, Holyroodhouse.

Then take the path out her back yard,
meander through the royal garden,
and head on up to Arthur's Seat,
but please be prepared for a small hike...
as ballet flats and a dress can cause unparalleled marital strain.

is where JK Rowling first scrawled the story of 
Harry Potter.

The food is good and inexpensive,
the waitstaff is friendly,
desserts are delicious, 
and don't forget to check out the Harry Potty.

The restaurant closes at 8 pm, so be ready for an early dinner.

Did I miss anything?

I mean, obviously, these are just the highlights-
but please add in with your favorites things to do/see/eat in Edinburgh!

(... my favorites from stirling & st. andrews are soon to follow....)