Aspiring Scotland: St. Andrews

Though it can be a bit tricky to get to from Edinburgh,
St. Andrews is worth the trip
if you are up for a relaxing day in this seaside town.

Besides being famous for the historic gold course,
St. Andrews has a great atmosphere that is
friendly, easy to navigate, & relaxing.

It never hurts to remember it is also the place
where Will & Kate first met and started their relationship.

To get to St. Andrews,
take a short train from Edinburgh to Leuchars 
{with a 5 mile bus ride into St. Andrews}
or opt for the direct bus that drops you directly into St. Andrews.

*the bus is an hour longer, but is a gorgeous ride along the Scottish coast*

After lunch, 
{we like Greyfriar's}
head up to the edge of town to 
the famous & long-lined
B. Janetta's for a scoop of ice cream.

The sticky toffee ice cream is hard to beat,

but the banoffee shake is a close second.

If you want to get a good pub feel,
head past the golf course to the Old Course Hotel's quaint pub,
The Jigger Inn.

Try their freshly caught fish & chips 
and don't skimp on the sticky toffee pudding for dessert.

Once you've got your ice cream in hand,
 walk to the nearby end of the street where you'll find
the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral.

On a sunny day, the grass will be littered with sunbathers
scattered amongst the church's ruins.

{Update 25/09/12: Admission of £4.50 is now charged to enter the ruins.}

The view of the coast offers a gorgeous backdrop,
and the path outside the abbey will lead you on a beautiful walk along the beach.

{Just remember to go left- towards town!}

At the end of the road,
you'll find you've been directly dropped onto 
 the legendary golf course of St. Andrews.

Politely wait until the course is clear 
till you jump on the course for your
obligatory picture on the St. Andrew's bridge.

And of course, when you come to St. Andrews,
you have to play golf on the course.

Most of the time,
golfing at St. Andrews is about $125 per person
with a mandatory overnight stay...

but if you travel like the Aspiring Kennedy,
you can play their putting course,
that runs along side their most famous green and the beach,
without a reservation for only £2.

And that, my friends, is a fabulous little secret.

{The Himalayas are open from April- September.}

St. Andrews is a great place to find yourself on a sunny day.

I hope when you are planning your Scottish trip 
you check back here for some help!