My big, fat, Greek cruise.

Before we booked our cruise,
I had to have a serious conversation with Tyler.

I looked him in the eye,
and asked him if he would judge me
for the obscene amount of food 
I would inevitably eat in Greece.

He rolled his eyes and replied that
"No, of course [he] wouldn't judge me...
because [he'd] been married too long to remember
that other girls don't eat the quantities of food I do."

It was one of the sexier things he's ever said.

Now I'm cruising away in Greece.

It's as glorious as it sounds.

What's better than the sunshine,
the crystal blue waters,
and the towel animals left by room service
on my bed each night....

is the food.

No wonder the gods chose Greece for their home.

I mean, even I'm rethinking our future
to live close to such an abundance of tziziki.

When are we going on a blogger cruise?

{because it's already not soon enough}