April Binging Brings May Penny Pinching

Looking back at April, 
I would have to describe the month as
well... extravagant.

we really lived it up.

Sadly, this month brings a dose of reality
(and a hefty stack of bills to pay),
so these Aspiring Kennedys are cutting back 
to compensate for the non-stop party
we will fondly remember as "April 2011."

(note to self: it was totally worth it.)

I'm cutting back on the little things...
as they do seem to add up.

Things like buying the whole chicken
versus buying chicken breasts are some ways
I'm finding will save me some big chunks of change.

And I'm also waiting.

Waiting to make sure I've actually used my body wash completely
before buying another container.

Waiting to get home before I grab something to eat for lunch.

Waiting for my lottery check to arrive in the mail.


It's not exactly fun to be on a budget,
but it seems to make the "big" events better 
when they come around, doesn't it?

What are some simple ways you cut back 
when you need to save up?