Cinco De Mayo (This Texan's VDay)

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

(Cinco duh what?)

In Mexico,
it's a day of celebration
of heritage, culture, & democracy.

(Which I know contradicts the below graphic, but I can't edit that from my phone. Lo siento. My tex-ucation failed me when I was creating my post.) 

In Texas, it's a good excuse 
to pile onto a patio for endless hours
gorging yourself on
enchiladas, salsa, & margaritas.

It's quite heavenly, actually.

For Tyler & me, 
it's a very special day.

Our first kiss was on Cinco De Mayo...
after a night of dancing 
at a dance hall in Arkansas called the Electric Cowboy.

Classy, n'est pas?

So wherever you are
- Mexico, Texas, or even England-
pull out your boots and kick it up for a good night of fun!

(and don't forget your stretchy pants... it's all about the eatin')

Who knows-
 maybe tonight you'll fall in love with your "forever."

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